In response to Omnicom’s recently announced plan to operate under the premise of sequential liability, APA/LA is hosting a round table discussion of this policy and the adjoining no advance policy and how it affects our industry. Sequential liability is a policy under which the photographer or production company gets paid if and when the agency is paid in full. Omnicom is the parent company of many advertising agencies, including BBDO, DDB, TBWA/ChiatDay, Goodby Silverstein, and many others.

Moderated by Creative Consultant and Photographers’ Advocate Debra Weiss, the panel includes Photographers Jill Greenberg and Glen Wexler, Photographers’ Agent Tricia Burlingham, Syndication Agent Janet Botaish, and a commercial producer to be confirmed. This event is free to all in the photographic and advertising community, and will be held Thursday, April 2, 7pm at Helms Daylight Studio 3221 Hutchison Ave #E LA CA 90034

NEWS FLASH: Omnicom in UK has responded to overwhelming opposition from various production and photographer trade groups including Advertising Producers Association in London (APA) by backing down from their position and is reverting to traditional practices. From APA release to members as reported on shots: “Omnicom have suspended their instruction to their UK agencies, AMVBBDO, TBWA and DDB regarding the wording of payment clauses. Thus, contracts you receive from them will be as per the standard ISBA/IPA/APA contract.”   Way to go APA. Power to those who organize.

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March 2009
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  1. Debra Weiss says:

    Thank you Doug for posting this. For the sake of clarification, APA in London is the Advertising Producers Association and has no affiliation with APA (Advertising Photographers of America). And while in the US the Omnicom contract is directed at the commercial production companies, the still photographers will not be far behind. It is imperative that the creative community here in the US display a unified front to let Omnicom, or anyone else know that contracts of this nature are totally unacceptable.

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