INSPIRATION #4: Driftless


©Danny Wilcox Frazier, from "Driftless"

©Danny Wilcox Frazier, from "Driftless"

Danny Wilcox Frazier’s new piece on the rural life in Iowa is breathtaking in it’s simple power. Working with Brian Storm, Bob Sacha and the team at MediaStorm, Danny has created something that not only gives us a profound understanding and new respect for the farmers who struggle to bring us our daily bread, but a perfect, elegant film that synthesizes moving images with still. This will be a lasting document of a place and time. Well worth a look.


MediaStorm: Driftless: Stories from Iowa by Danny Wilcox Frazier

May 2009
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2 Responses to INSPIRATION #4: Driftless

  1. gary matoso says:

    I had a look at this this morning and was mesmerized. Compelling, beautifully shot stories that take you on a surprising journey into the heartland. Some of the finest documentary work I’ve seen in a long time.

  2. menuez says:

    yeah, it was such an inspiration to me I had to share. everything is perfect in this piece.

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