Doug Menuez
March 7 – March 13, 2010

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For more information or to register by phone,
call (505) 983-1400, ext. 11.

My upcoming workshop at the amazing Santa Fe Workshops is still open for sign ups and I welcome anyone who thinks they may benefit to go for it. Times are tough and it’s hard to justify that extra expense when survival is paramount, but I would argue this expense is crucial. The issues we delve deeply into are exactly those required to fine tune your skill set to not only survive, but thrive.

Photography Workshops | Santa Fe Photographic Workshops Santa Fe, New Mexico

From the catalog course description:

Photographers often find it difficult to reconcile the desire to follow one’s passion with the need for financial security. Doug Menuez figured out how to get paid for shooting exactly what he loves to shoot, and he shares the logical steps toward finding your own answers, based on his real-life experience.

Participants return home with a newly defined vision of themselves and their work, and with the tools to create the life in photography they have always wanted to lead. Join us and build a better foundation for your future.

January 2010
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  1. Chris Lake says:

    Just registered – psyched!

  2. I took this workshop with Doug in February 2008 and it was phenomenal. The best workshop I’ve ever taken. Many workshop instructors manage to inspire you, but that inspiration often fades quickly once you’re back home. Not so with Doug’s workshop. He left me with tools to transform my work and my business and continually inspire myself with the mission statement he had us create for ourselves. It was a lasting gift I will forever be grateful for.

  3. Jean Jarvis says:

    Just checked your website and the Santa Fe Workshops hoping to take a class with you – none were listed. Any future workshops in the works?

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