Those of you who’ve followed my rants and notes are probably wondering what the heck happened to me these past few months. I didn’t die, but I did kind of break all my rules for survival and for avoiding burnout by attempting an ambitious agenda. We have been working around the clock to launch our new boutique archive stock business, Menuez Archive Projects, ¬†and that is going well despite all the challenges inherent in any new start up. The launch party was a huge success, but we then were faced with more grunt work then expected on the back end. We are on a learning curve and still working through a BETA phase. The good news is that we are now uploading our second batch of gorgeous scans (done by our partner National Geographic) and finishing the retouching and keywording on our third batch which will go up next month. We’ll have close to 7500 high res images online within a few weeks, not bad for six months work. I hope to have a big MAP announcement later this week.

On the assignment front, I’ve been enjoying a long term project that has taken me over the past few months from the Congo to Australia back to NY and last week to the Bahamas, shooting movie stars, scientists, chefs and rock and roll legends and I hope to be able to share that work soon. It’s one of those once in a lifetime dream assignments that is challenging and fulfilling.

And our fearless leader Dave Mendez filed for our non-profit status to start our foundation and production for the “Fearless Genius” project based on my work shot in Silicon Valley. Nothing worth doing is easy however and I think this is still going to be a two year project. Meanwhile, I’m back in NY and returning emails and enjoying our new studio. The “Love” show is still up so please stop by if you are in town to see the prints.

As for “YOUR DAILY MOOD REPORT” on twitter we are working with some software geniuses to update our algorithms. The idea is to gather individual moods from creatives– artists, writers, painters, photographers, art directors– around the world and aggregate one daily mood report, sort of like a weather report for your emotional equilibrium. It’s harder than we thought of course but stay tuned…

More soon!

April 2010