The big news at Menuez Archive Projects this week is the announcement that Stockland Martel is now our exclusive sales agent in the US and worldwide (apart from Europe– stay tuned for more Euro news soon). They have just sent out the below email blast and we are extremely proud to formalize this arrangement. This deepens our already fruitful relationship as they represent me for assignment work as well. And our clients all know they can expect t us to leap through flaming hoops for them…

If you were at our February launch party or read about us on the blogs, you know our mission is to put the million-plus images from my archive at the fingertips of creatives everywhere. So we’re proud to report that in three short months, we’ve already expanded our inventory well into the thousands, refined our beta site and have thousands more being edited and scanned every month. But now I also understand why more photographers don’t go through this process– it’s seriously difficult and seriously expensive! ┬áBut we’ve got a great start and it’s a huge relief to be underway.

May 2010
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  1. Hi Doug,

    You make an interesting point about the demands of establishing your own library with a huge back catalogue as your source material.

    Are there things that you would have done differently years ago had you known you would be doing this now?

    I’m just thinking that what you are doing is a model others may follow in the future with their own existing and, more importantly, yet-to-be-created work. It would be useful to know what they can do now to save them time and stress later on.

    Warm regards,


    • admin says:

      Really good question. While doing this I came across a file stuff with plans and notes from 1990 when we first started trying to do this… so yeah, what I would have done differently is kept at it instead of putting it aside. Sort of like a savings account, you just have to dig in and commit. I kept getting distracted with shoots. I was blessed to be busy shooting so just kept amassing film. Once the dust settles I’ll try to sort through what I’ve learned and what we did, how we did it, and share that. There are definitely a lot of things you can do now, especially using Aperture as we are or some kind of database and also filing copyrights, getting at least your selects into your system and backed up on a server, as part of your daily workflow for every shoot. Not putting any part of that off. The good news for us is since we started shooting digital, that material is all sorted pretty much. It’s all the film that is beyond difficult, plus vetting all the releases and usage rights going back 30 years… it’s going to be a useful recap to share when we are done I’m hopeful

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