We’ve started to actually sell some of these off my www.menuez.com site and people stop me here in NYC on the street so I thought I’d put a spotlight on this particular shirt below. I started mumbling this to myself when I started having my various epiphanies about how to build a satisfying creative life for the long term. You have to deal with and let go of fear, first of all, and if you are a freelancer / artist then you’ll have plenty to deal with. No matter how successful, we truly never know when the next job is coming or if we’ll sell another print or whatever. There are no guarantees in life and for those not regularly employed and who rely solely on their talent and vision to feed themselves and families, well, it’s doubly true. This t-shirt is like a daily mantra to get over that wierd vagueness. Staying positive and believing in yourself no matter what happens or what the critics say. Or what the economy does! We will survive! Embrace the angst!

Available at www.menuez.com > commissions > information > store   or  Doug Menuez

June 2010