I’m delighted to announce that our new Guest Curator at Menuez Archive Projects is my dear friend and mentor Rick Smolan. He has taken a run through the archive and come up with not one, but four interesting edits. Rick has been a huge inspiration as a photojournalist (many covers of Time, National Geographic, etc) and then book creator and publisher, and has been a huge influence on my career. Shooting the Day in the Life books each year was a highlight for me. Rick was the guy who taught me in the mid-80’s what a model release was among other things. And how important those could be even for photojournalists who might later want to sell stock. Hello! Each month or two we feature a new picture editor, art director, photographer, or friend of photography to share their take on what they find in the archive. They say every photographer needs and editor, and I believe them. Please take a look at what Rick put together on MAP: Menuez Archive Projects Home click “Guest Curators”

October 2010
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