Every so often it is a pleasure to share work that I find inspiring such as ¬†Albert Normantin’s elegant photographs of Myanmar. He’s returned 7 times to this hidden country and made a series of images well worth checking out here:¬†http://www.myanmarphotographs.com/

This work exhibits such effortless grace and clarity of vision that you almost don’t notice the rigor with which he shoots. In fact, at first it appears as seriously good travel photography as it pulls you in. As you go through the different portfolios you see winner after winner and the classical composition, perfect lighting combined with subjects that are completely at ease and it all adds up to something much deeper: a master photographer at the top of his game. Albert conveys a profound empathy and respect for his subjects while drawing on traditions of photojournalism and documentary work to capture moments in time. All of this is wrapped up in gorgeous light and color. Lovely to look at. Also his work is a reminder of the importance of learning the basic, classic traditions. Even if we are out to break all those traditions it’s great to know them before we try to break them. Sometimes simple is best. Thanks for the inspiration Albert.

December 2010
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  1. I vouch for everyone of these eloquent words. Albert is not only a master of his craft, but I personally am in awe of how much compassion and love he has for his subjects, especially the people and the land of Myanmar/Burma. I have never seen such beautiful images from anybody else and only wish that more people around the world could see them. I am honoured to be his friend and student. Keep up the good work, Albert….

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