Just back from Moscow Photobiennale- what an amazing experience! The Russians have a long tradition of scientific and engineering excellence and seemed to really appreciate my project on Steve Jobs and Silicon Valley in the Digital Revolution. My booth was mobbed the whole night and 600 people showed up to hear my lecture Saturday at Skolkovo, the new tech institute and business school modeled after Stanford and MIT. They want to build the next Silicon Valley in Moscow and it looks like they can do it. Education and history are so important in Russia, which are key themes in my work I hope to create dialog around here in the US. What Olga Sviblova has built with the Moscow House of Photography is so impressive, a stunning cultural landmark for photography. Also inspiring was the work of my fellow photographers. I was honored to exhibit alongside such great artists as Harry Gruyeart, Andrew Bush, Alec Soth, Alinka Echeverria, Stephen Shore, Ouyang XIngkai, hilarious madman Tim Davis, Sergey Shestokov, Jane Stravs and several others. Getting to know some of them and hear their stories was life affirming for me. The vodka, great food and the Metro – which is like an art museum itself worth the trip – were all a sweet bonus to the trip.

April 2012
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  1. don says:

    I’ve always loved what I’ve seen of these images, and the show looks wonderful, so nicely done. Is there a book in the works? Seeing the blog post prompted me to look at your general site (hadn’t for a long time) which is filled with so many consistently impressive pictures. It’s cool how your style and eye have remained true over all of these years. Congrats.

    • Doug Menuez says:

      I do appreciate the kind words and am indeed working on a book and a documentary. It’s a slow process and has been difficult but starting to get more fun thankfully.

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