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Doug Menuez is an award-winning documentary photographer based in New York City. While his varied career over 25+ years has ranged from photojournalism to commissioned work and personal fine art book projects, his methodology has evolved to employ a traditional documentary approach that also allows for his subjective interpretation of the subject. The driving concern of all his work is to explore and reflect the human condition.

His early work as a photojournalist began in 1981 as an intern for The Washington Post, and from there began a career as freelance photojournalist for Time, Newsweek, Life, USA Today, Fortune and many other publications worldwide. His subjects included the Ethiopian famine, the Olympics, and the AIDS crisis. He gained exclusive, unprecedented access to record the rise of Silicon Valley and daily lives of its most brilliant innovators, including Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Bill Joy and John Doerr during an era when more jobs and wealth were created than at any time in human history. His many portrait assignments range from Mother Tereza to Robert Redford and President Bill Clinton. Menuez’ work has won numerous awards, been exhibited in solo and group shows and been featured in nine of the bestselling Day in the Life books. His advertising clients include global brands such as Chevrolet, Emirates Airlines, McDonald’s, Allstate, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Citibank, Nokia, GE and Samsung. Menuez’ books include the bestseller co-produced with David Elliott Cohen, 15 Seconds: The Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1989, which generated more than five hundred thousand dollars in relief money for earthquake victims.

Three of his personal fine art documentary projects have been published to date: Defying Gravity: The Making of Newton, Beyond Words Publishing,1993, Heaven, Earth, Tequila: Un Viaje al Corazón de México, Waterside Press, 2005. His new book Transcendent Spirit: The Orphans of Uganda is from Beaufort Books, NY, 2008, with an introduction by Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Stanford University Library recently acquired his extensive archive of over 1 million photographs, including 250,000 images shot over fifteen years of the Silicon Valley project, for their collection.

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  1. nelson says:

    hi dad, i love the work you do its so nice. I also thank you for the support you are giving to me.

  2. nelson says:

    hey dad, its your son from empower African children. i love so much and i also send greetings to mum and my big bro and my young sis that i love them so much. mob love from Nelly.

  3. Marilyn Lapidus says:

    Jay was here today and I asked about you….He said you were living
    in New York and we spoke of all the good times here in Marin….I miss
    seeing Teresa and please give her my regards….We are still
    active and in the same old place…David and I remember those days
    with much pleasure…..Marilyn

    • admin says:

      Please give my best to Jay and the family, we miss you all very much. Tereza says hi too. We both miss Marin although love NYC hope to get a place back out there one of these days. Glad you guys are still causing trouble and enjoying life. See you soon!

  4. Stefano, Italy says:

    I’m very impressed by your works. |Congratulations!

  5. Frederique Rapier says:

    I read your article on editorialphoto.com entitled “ON CHAOS, FEAR, SURVIVAL & LUCK: LONGEVITY IS THE ANSWER” and wanted to thank you for providing such an honest insight on the reality of being a freelance and making a living from what we love. I am at the very early stages of considering working for myself and it is as daunting as it is exciting, and eventually, rewarding.
    It was an even greater pleasure to discover your work, so with your words and images, I feel inspired and will keep them in mind every time I take steps closer to living from photography, and I am sure they will also help remind me of what can be achieved when I face the harsh challenges that are bound to come my way.

    Greetings from London!


  6. Doug:

    Wow you are really an inspiration! Great work here. Really worth leafing through.
    Hope your son’s band is making some noise!

    From Boulder,

    Bob Carmichael

    • Doug Menuez says:

      Hey Bob! thanks for your note and compliments, much appreciated. Our son is back from a year on tour. Learned a lot for sure. They are getting ready to record their second album and keep slogging their way up the ladder. How’s your studio? I always think of you when we see all the cool stuff from Maroon 5 happening.

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  8. Tom Johnson says:

    Hey, Doug:
    I see you will be here in Santa Fe for a July 19 lecture. If you have time, Dorothy and I would like to have a small bienvenido a santa fe reception/party. I realize it’s a bit early, and your host’s plans may not be set, but if you can make it, pick a date.
    All best,

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