HA! Why can’t I get that simple, age-old rule from ancient photo wisdom figured out? Because kids are endlessly fascinating. And unpredictable. And chaotic. And that’s good fun. I also think I’m attracted to shooting kids because I grew up so fast and am now starting slowly to regress to a second childhood. At least that’s a goal. And although I’ve shot kids all over the world in various cultures, becoming a parent really gave me a heightened awareness of the curious child mindset. I love to try to imagine what they are imagining. But today we are launching a special edit called “CHILDHOOD” on Menuez Archive Projects and featuring a tight edit from our archive of some favorite shots of children. You can read about it on the Stockland Martel blog here and see it by clicking the link or image below.

Doug Menuez on photographing kids (hint: Forget about being the boss) « Stockland Martel

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September 2010

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I’m very happy to announce that we’ve just uploaded 1000 new sports images on Menuez Archive Projects. Take a look at a tight edit called “Performance” here: Menuez Archive Projects Home As we move past the sweltering summer, grateful to finally have working AC, it’s time for new work to go up at Menuez Archive Projects. We’ve done some really cool edits and will be posting a new edit every week for the next 8 weeks. Check out Stockland Martel’s new blog about the first batch of sports images called “Performance”  here: Doug Menuez on capturing “the soul of sport” « Stockland Martel

September 2010


I’m delighted to announce I will be teaching again at the Santa Fe Photo Workshops this winter AND you can win it (or another of your choice) by entering the first ever Santa Fe Photo Workshop Contest. The theme is “FAMILY” and the deadline is September 15, with $14,000 in prizes! Crazy, I know. Let’s go! Photography Contest | Santa Fe Photographic Workshops Santa Fe, New Mexico

My new workshop is called “The Human Experience: Making a Difference with Your Photographs,” February 13-19,  2011.  It’s about how to take your personal projects and give them structure and creating synergistic funding opportunities, how to do traditional and self-published books, new models for distribution and marketing and non profits and all that good stuff, more details soon. But I want to find photographers who are trying to make images that are meaningful and help them find ways to realize their projects. Not easy!

Santa Fe Photo Workshop Contest: Family

September 2010

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Will the human race be subsumed by self-aware computers as they gain super intelligence and take over the planet? This is the “Terminator” type scenario envisioned as somehow a happy thing by the fans of the future melding of man and machine known as the Singularity.  Are we falling into a trap with our misplaced faith that computers are somehow able to replicate human experience? Does this mean Facebook and other social databases demean and diminish human randomness and experience? Are we willingly destroying our individuality in favor of a borg-like hive mind noosphere cult?

Yeah, kind of, yes, to all of the above,  according to Jaron Lanier, the multi-talented scientist who lead the development of virtual reality among other projects. His recent book, “You Are Not a Gadget” is a thoughtful argument against the rising tide of mob mentality and misplaced faith in technology and computers that is destroying our individual humanity. It’s an incredibly eye-opening read I highly recommend. He’s not against the internet or new technology. He is carefully constructing an argument in favor of deeper thought, awareness and planning to prevent mob rule and the loss of our humanity.
Will humanist concerns guide technology development to leverage our brains with better tools, not supplanting them? Yes, perhaps if enough people read this book.

Web resources related to the book You Are Not a Gadget by Jaron Lanier

September 2010

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I’m thrilled to announce that Stephanie Menuez has joined Menuez Archive Projects as Director of New Business & Marketing. Many of you know her from her 13-year career as a top rep in San Francisco, though I knew of her long before that—she’s my sister. Here’s a shot of us my dad took when we were like 3:

©D. Barry Menuez

Steph has had her own amazing career off broadway in the 80’s and then in Hollywood in movies, got tired of that and we started working together in the mid-90’s as I was entering a new phase in my career. She has an incredible eye and is now a painter. Her intuitive way of working with people and generous spirit has been such a strong part of my work in the past. We’ve not worked together for the past five years so it’s a great reunion!

In her new role, Stephanie will serve as our client’s guide to unlocking the creative potential of MAP’s vast archives of exclusive stock imagery by doing custom searches. And she’ll will work closely with our superagents at Stockland Martel to support their sales efforts on our behalf. She’s also looking forward to hearing about what you’re working on. In fact, if you’re in New York and want to meet up for lunch, give Stephanie a call (212.336.1561) or email her (

Stephanie Menuez joins Menuez Archive Projects as Director of New Business & Marketing « Stockland Martel

July 2010

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We’ve started to actually sell some of these off my site and people stop me here in NYC on the street so I thought I’d put a spotlight on this particular shirt below. I started mumbling this to myself when I started having my various epiphanies about how to build a satisfying creative life for the long term. You have to deal with and let go of fear, first of all, and if you are a freelancer / artist then you’ll have plenty to deal with. No matter how successful, we truly never know when the next job is coming or if we’ll sell another print or whatever. There are no guarantees in life and for those not regularly employed and who rely solely on their talent and vision to feed themselves and families, well, it’s doubly true. This t-shirt is like a daily mantra to get over that wierd vagueness. Staying positive and believing in yourself no matter what happens or what the critics say. Or what the economy does! We will survive! Embrace the angst!

Available at > commissions > information > store   or  Doug Menuez

June 2010


Please check out my new book now on sale at Blurb– EVIDENCE OF LOVE ON PLANET EARTH: PHOTOGRAPHS 1978 – 2010 | By Doug Menuez | Category: Arts & Photography | Blurb — our first book from Menuez Archive Projects. An edit of the archive for a show we did to launch and is on the them of love. Don’t we all want to find true love? Edited by famed Picture Editor Karen Mullarkey (Newsweek, Sports Illustrated, Rolling Stone). Hope you enjoy. Artist’s statement below…


We all want to be loved––it’s built into our DNA. Along with the need for food and shelter, love, or the lack thereof, is clearly the main driving wheel of civilization and the arts. No matter how cool or important you are, how hip your clothing, friends or hang-outs, deep down you want to find and connect with that one person who will make life worth living. You just do.

Some say that every film is a variation on one of only six or seven themes from life. Most of these themes center on  love––the loss of love, the triumph of love, the betrayal and deceit of false lovers, and so on. We need love so badly that we often trivialize that need until it becomes a trite subject, masking the pain of such a profound and crucial component of our human psyches.

These images were pulled from my work going back 30 years and show moments that reflect a fundamental aspect of being alive: the act of loving another human being. Love and lust are intertwined, and there are consequences to both, of course. Selecting photographs around this theme from my archive was a wonderful revelation in that I found I’ve been particularly alert to love in its various manifestations over the years. I guess that makes me a voyeur.

May 2010

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The big news at Menuez Archive Projects this week is the announcement that Stockland Martel is now our exclusive sales agent in the US and worldwide (apart from Europe– stay tuned for more Euro news soon). They have just sent out the below email blast and we are extremely proud to formalize this arrangement. This deepens our already fruitful relationship as they represent me for assignment work as well. And our clients all know they can expect t us to leap through flaming hoops for them…

If you were at our February launch party or read about us on the blogs, you know our mission is to put the million-plus images from my archive at the fingertips of creatives everywhere. So we’re proud to report that in three short months, we’ve already expanded our inventory well into the thousands, refined our beta site and have thousands more being edited and scanned every month. But now I also understand why more photographers don’t go through this process– it’s seriously difficult and seriously expensive!  But we’ve got a great start and it’s a huge relief to be underway.

May 2010

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Those of you who’ve followed my rants and notes are probably wondering what the heck happened to me these past few months. I didn’t die, but I did kind of break all my rules for survival and for avoiding burnout by attempting an ambitious agenda. We have been working around the clock to launch our new boutique archive stock business, Menuez Archive Projects,  and that is going well despite all the challenges inherent in any new start up. The launch party was a huge success, but we then were faced with more grunt work then expected on the back end. We are on a learning curve and still working through a BETA phase. The good news is that we are now uploading our second batch of gorgeous scans (done by our partner National Geographic) and finishing the retouching and keywording on our third batch which will go up next month. We’ll have close to 7500 high res images online within a few weeks, not bad for six months work. I hope to have a big MAP announcement later this week.

On the assignment front, I’ve been enjoying a long term project that has taken me over the past few months from the Congo to Australia back to NY and last week to the Bahamas, shooting movie stars, scientists, chefs and rock and roll legends and I hope to be able to share that work soon. It’s one of those once in a lifetime dream assignments that is challenging and fulfilling.

And our fearless leader Dave Mendez filed for our non-profit status to start our foundation and production for the “Fearless Genius” project based on my work shot in Silicon Valley. Nothing worth doing is easy however and I think this is still going to be a two year project. Meanwhile, I’m back in NY and returning emails and enjoying our new studio. The “Love” show is still up so please stop by if you are in town to see the prints.

As for “YOUR DAILY MOOD REPORT” on twitter we are working with some software geniuses to update our algorithms. The idea is to gather individual moods from creatives– artists, writers, painters, photographers, art directors– around the world and aggregate one daily mood report, sort of like a weather report for your emotional equilibrium. It’s harder than we thought of course but stay tuned…

More soon!

April 2010


Many thanks to all our friends, families, partners and supporters who all turned out in force for a massive, insane mob scene at our Menuez Archive Projects launch party Thursday. We finished printing the show of my work curated by Karen Mullarkey “Evidence of Love on Planet Earth: Photographs 1978-2010” at the last minute with help from Innova paper and Duggal Labs and it looked fantastic. With all the work to get to that point, I probably overdid it as I’m still recovering today. Thanks again to everyone who showed up! We’ll post some proper party photos by Whitney Kidder on our MAP page on facebook soon. But here’s a brief iPhone vid from Christopher Beauchamp, our Sales & Marketing Director from his special vantage point of being 10 ft tall:
Screen shot 2010-02-20 at 12.20.17 PM
February 2010

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