You can’t find much about them yet. Just a few reviews from the new tour but stand by, the buzz is building…
So the story unfolds; BOBBY, a new band named for and led by a mythical character no one has actually seen has just recorded their first album and signed with Partisan Records and is now on their first tour opening for The Low Anthem. My son Paolo graduated from Hampshire in May and immediately got caught up in the frenzy of writing and recording with this new group of talented and eclectic musicians all living together in a house he found way out in the back of beyond in the woods of Mass. I drove up yesterday and shot some band photos for them yesterday.
They play the Bowery Ballroom tomorrow night, Tues, here in NYC. We are insanely excited to see this gig. The music is beautiful, haunting and such a mix of influences I can’t really describe it. But I’ve been playing the rough cuts repeatedly and I still can’t get enough. Yeah I’m biased so you gotta get the album when it’s out and decide…
Hear the single and read about it at HERE:
They will be at South by Southwest also. The dates are here:
March 2011

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