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From the incredible response I’ve received from my recent essay in EP, it’s clear there is a hunger out there for information, ideas and strategies for building a creatively satisfying life as a photographer. I’ve got enough scars on my ass at this point to have learned a thing or two, and I’ll certainly share what I’ve learned in these pages. Occasionally I’ll touch on gear or technique but mostly I’m interested in expanding the dialog about balancing art and commerce that I’ve been teaching in my workshops and lectures to a wider audience.

The root of my quest to find balance– peace of mind really– was the inevitable result of living decades going from shoot to shoot in a hyper-compressed, super-rushed, mad, fun, chaotic road trip of a life. There was a price to pay for that: burnout. So, haunted by Socrates admonition about the unexamined life I’ll use this blog as a catalyst to remember my past. I have to do this in order to prepare for the best, next phase of my life and work. So I’ll be sharing stories from the road that usually only my friends and family would be subjected to at dinner—lucky for you escape is a click away. These stories will be at least as true as any other memoir I can think of, and truer than most. And perhaps they can serve as flares fired in the night for younger shooters, marking out what mistakes to truly avoid.

I hope you find my experiences useful and that you’ll post a comment or drop me an email.

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  1. Hi Doug!!

    what a wonderful thing that you have a blog, congratulations.
    Thanks for being a constant fireball of inspiration.

  2. yes, this is great, and very much appreciated!

  3. alec vianu says:

    way to go – always loved getting a glimpse of your thoughts, this will be a good way to read more of that.

  4. Martin Gisborne says:

    Congratulations Doug… Already added to my regular feeds.

  5. Clive Booth says:

    Hello Doug…. really great to see the blog. You will now continue to inspire me and everyone else on-line! Good luck with this. Speak soon, Clive.

  6. Doug – thank you for your openness and truth. Not only are you speaking to photographers, but to all. Your artist statement and business philosophy express universal truths important to be learned or reminded. I loved the read…it reached me.

  7. Lorrie Lynch says:

    Bravo! You are as good a storyteller as you are a photographer. I’ll be reading. (And sending your URL to my photographer-in-training daughter. I know you will inspire her.)

  8. Hey, Doug,
    I look forward to reading your stories. Cool idea for the young, and the restless photographers trying to crash into the biz. I hope they learn from you and if nothing else, remember something as they venture into the world of film (digital now) and lenses. Can art and commerce really mix or is it like oil and water?

  9. I look forward to reading every word on your blog: the very interesting stories as described by a fascinating, brilliant mind, and experienced by a most generous, sentient heart. The exercise of remembering our stories – more than a catharsis -has the effect of revealing the way ahead.

    • clive Booth says:

      I’m sure I’m not the only one to say this… you more than anyone inspired me to pick up a camera and start shooting. So it’s all your fault!

      • menuez says:

        Jasmine, I really appreciate the comments, and funnily enough, the thing is i do keep having to re-learn these truths. We never stop going through cycles of learning and hopefully getting a bit better each time around. Take care…d

  10. Younes says:

    I just read your article on EP and I had to rush to your blog. That was an amazing piece. I look forward to reading more.



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